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We are "slaves" of marketers !!!

This is would be one of my most favorite blog i guess...

When I always think of something which we currently use, I realize everything are of not our own interest. Say, mobile, a crazy piece of **** which drives everyone crazy. Years ago we werent used to this piece of technology. Started as easy way to communicate with our dear ones, now we cannot survive without out it.

I completely agree, we need convenience, we need technology, we need advancement. But do we need in this pace?
If I look back, I started with plain old solid Nokia mobile, then Sony walkman series , then Sony slide one, then htc smart phone, then Sony smart phone, now Nexus 5... I dont know when I will change my mobile again.
But one thing is clear to me, each phase when I change my mobile, it was either i get carried away by my peer latest mobile or cheesy and lovely advertisement that drives me to get a new one. Both scenarios are the trap of marketers..

I really love marketers, because they rule the world. They are the one who decide what food should I use or what technology should I use.

Couple of days before one of my professor was saying about how in India FMCG companies market their product. Around 50 years before, we weren't used to shampoo, just a soap for whole family, this was predominant situation in most middle class. But, this smart FMCG, slowly invaded out selves in bathroom with different soaps like moisturizers, flavored etc.., with shampoo for dandruff free, break free etc, with conditioner. Apart from these FMCG shifted from bathroom to grooming, started with face powder, then face cream, lip balm etc... Trying to get each and every penny from our pocket (this is ultimate goal for a marketer)

I'm pretty sure, these companies would have had plan of these products sequence (from soap to conditioner..) years ahead, but still they took so many years to reveal these product slowly to the market. Just that to make sure they have control on us, to keep us slave forever..

In both cases above, in mobile and FMCG, marketer just does his job. He had been recruited for it. We lived happily, 50 years before and even now. Just that our saving percent is dropped now. That time average Indian saving was around 50% whereas now 35%.

So, what is whole point here, though people think they are smart enough in taking decisions either in buying a mobile or house, end of the day winner is Marketer. We would think we saved 50 penny being very smart, but marketer is smart enough to persuade our decision to make us to buy the product.

I love marketers, tomorrow you and me may be successful marketers. Whereas we shouldn't forget we are again a slave of some other marketer. We are slave for him. This vicious circle continues forever.

Don't take it as granted !!!!!!

We all know "Thanks" is just a word but the returns for it huge whether its productivity or happiness.
Lemme pull out an example, when I was in UK , one of my friend came there regarding business work for couple of weeks. When we went to a mobile catering restaurant, we really had crispy Dosa (south -indian delicacies). Once our food is done, I just paid and walked from the place. When my friend thanked the chief for delicious food, Chef was so happy and glad. I'm pretty sure this would have kept him up for atleast next few hours.

Ha!, is this common behavior for every one at every occasion?
No definitely not!

Usually we take it as granted for most of things other do.

Just pause for a second and think what was your recent incident when you took a cab for cinema or went to a restaurant after party, and did you really take time to thank the guy who served you after you pay him?
Ya I agree, it might be his job to take us to cinema or to serve us in restaurant and you do pay for it. But do you think he will be really motivated to work all along for that money, which gonna be shed away from his hands?

Money is just to fulfill his needs, but word "Thanks" would make him motivated and serve better for rest of the day.

Asians are still more peculiar, Our daily behavior is such that it doesn't provide space to express ourselves to our peers.
We usually take everything as granted either when Mom serves food or Dad sends you money, we hardly expressed our gratitude with them.

Still you don't believe me, just check this video how usually Asians usually take it as granted.

Nothing is granted, just express it either thanks or love. Go ahead !!!!!

Thanks for reading this post !!!!

Traces behind every click!!!!!!

How many of us ever thought what happens behind every other mouse click when we browse our Internet?
There huge business running behind the Internet?
We, humans are objects for those business.

We use Internet to for various reason either its personal or professional, but we never thought what is running under the hood.

Ya not only in Internet virtual world, even in physical world we are objects . All our actions are monitored via registers, logs, biometric devices, mobile phones , CCTVs and list goes on.
So this is never new for us.

When I opened a news website, I noticed that more than 35 trackers are behind me. When I look for today's news behind me these analytics, advertisers and marketers track me for all my clicks and preferences.
Look at the below picture, the center bubble is my desired website, but cluster around is all prying eyes around me.

This is not only for this news channel, for almost all websites we browse in Internet track us...

I hate this being tracked without being notified. So did couple of google searches. I found a add on for google chrome called " " to keep my foot prints from being tracked. (I'm sure you can get these for IE and mozilla as well)


Is there something good on being tracked ?
Yup there is ! On the flip side, companies will get to know what is our preference, so company can give better service.. In short there will be Innovation for our life to be better.

So, it up to you to keep your hands clean from trackers or not.
If you are a privacy freak, go for tracker blocking add ons such as disconnect else let them track us to deliver a better product for the world.

Share your views below guys. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, this is my first blog guys, i'm looking for your feedback and support to keep myself up in writing...